Gourmet Dried Fruit from Around the World

Do you know where your dried fruit comes from? It’s great tasting, it’s healthy, and it’s a go-to option for snacking. But did you know that the fruit you’re enjoying was dried to perfection using the Meduri method?

Meduri selects the finest fruit picked at the peak of ripeness from orchards around the world. And then each dried fruit variety is prepared on the Meduri farm in Oregon with a traditional recipe that’s been used and loved for more than 30 years.

From peaches and blackberries from Chile to lingonberries from Scandinavia, we’d love to tell you some more about where your favorite Meduri gourmet dried fruits originate from.

Golden Blush Peaches – our peaches originated from Chilean orchards and then they were prepared using the Meduri method to preserve their taste and texture. These all-natural dried peaches perfectly pair with a variety of cheeses or you can toss them on your favorite salad.

Harvest Pride Peaches – we found these amazing peaches in the fertile central valley of Chile, and they were picked at their ripest. After preparing them the Meduri way, in small batches at a time to retain their peach flavor and texture in every tender slice. They’re as natural as can be.

Sweetglow® Apricots – we get these fine apricots from a small rural town in California. But did you know that apricots are an ancient fruit that actually originated in the fertile valleys of China? We select these specific Sweetglow® Apricots at their ripest and then prepare them, halved, in small quantities to preserve their distinctive sweet flavor.

Cinnamon Fuji Apple Wedges – originally from Japan, the Fuji apple is a cross between the Red Delicious and the Ralls Janet (an antique variety of apple that dates back to Thomas Jefferson). The Fuji apple is known in Japan as the Tohoku apple and it originated in 1939. In the early 1960s, these apples were introduced in America and called Fuji. We love their sweet flavor and add just a touch of cinnamon to make it even more special.

Granny Smith Apple Wedges – there’s nothing quite like this bright green apple from the Pacific Northwest. It’s mouthwatering texture and flavor is what makes a perfect apple pie.

Pink Lady® Apple Wedges – these beautiful apples also come from the Pacific Northwest. They’re a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams apples, which originated in Australia in 1973 and has a very loyal following. We use a slow-drying process to preserve their distinctive magenta blush color. Sweet and juicy, they pair well with any cheese board.

Grapefruit – we source grapefruit from one of two growing areas in Mexico and pick them at the peak of ripeness. We dry the grapefruit in small batches, which makes for the perfect dried fruit.

100% Bing Cherries – bing cherries were born right here in Oregon where we’re located. The fact that they’re 100% natural means everything. You’re just getting the perfect that is Bing Cherries. No added sugar, just the pure harvest-fresh taste of good fruit naturally dried.

Oregon Blueberries – fruits originating in the Americas are limited, but the blueberry is one fruit that’s native. The earliest settlers sought out this highly valued berry for its versatility and they added it to a wide range of foods and health remedies. It’s not only delicious but it’s healthy and filled with antioxidants – it’s a real super fruit.

Rainier Cherries – this translucent, red-amber cherry was named after Mt. Rainier, the highest point in Washington State. Rainier cherries are subtly sweet with a light tartness. Prepared in small batches, we make sure our cherries are plumper and sweeter than any you’ll find.

Every fruit is prepared on our Oregon farm. Our goal is to capture the unique and distinctive flavor and texture of every fruit we come across. It’s our family tradition, and it’s the Meduri way.